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Financial Planning

The Financial Plan serves as the blueprint for our client relationship. Avellie views each client relationship as a partnership that is built on trust and transparency. At the beginning of every relationship, we’ll take an in-depth dive into your current financial position, as well as discuss your future financial goals. The financial planning process is ongoing, continuously monitored, and adjusted to meet the changes in client lives as they arise.

Investment Management

Once specific financial needs and goals are established through the financial planning process, a customized portfolio is constructed to meet return objectives. As your financial advisor, Avellie is responsible for all decisions made in constructing each investment portfolio. Avellie takes great pride in the research of the investments, the development of the portfolio, as well as the continuous monitoring of the portfolio. The results are delivered to the client in the form of performance reports, are delivered on schedule, and are in a format that best fits client needs.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning based on each client’s individual situation is critically important to maximize investment results. After reviewing a client’s tax return, Avellie always considers the tax impact of investment decisions and how to maximize benefit under the tax code.

Legacy Planning

Avellie will thoroughly analyze any Estate Planning documents already in place, identify any gaps that may exist, and make suggestions of ways the estate plan may be improved. Optimal conveyance to beneficiaries is of utmost importance, as well as helping your beneficiaries navigate the estate settlement process.

About Us

Avellie Wealth Management, LLC (“Avellie”)

Is a boutique financial advisory firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, dedicated to serving its clients by creating fully customized financial plans and portfolios that are tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. As a fiduciary, Avellie is bound both legally and ethically to always act in the clients’ best interest. Avellie’s relationships with clients are true partnerships; partnerships that always put each individual client’s long-term interests first. Avellie Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, fee based, financial advisory firm that was designed around you, the client.

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